I’m sure you’re all wondering why I started this cake decorating nonsense…ok, maybe you’re not, but I’ll tell you anyway.  I have two reasons……the two cute kiddos in the pictures below!!  🙂 

Aren’t they the cutest?
I wanted to be the kind of mom who made the cakes for my kids’ birthdays.  And I didn’t want to settle for a Betty Crocker cake with some Betty Crocker frosting slapped on top.  No offense to the Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines, Pilsbury, etc. moms of the world. 
When my daughter turned 1 I was just pregnant with my son….that should be read that I was nauseous and tired!  🙂  That year Sam’s Club cupcakes won out, they were easy and I could easily get colors that matched the decor.  For her second birthday I was determined to make something, so I settled on cupcakes.  I found out that they weren’t quite as easy as they looked; they weren’t quite as tasty as they looked either.  (Side note:  The buttercream recipe that Wilton provides is super sweet and doesn’t actually contain any butter.  Perhaps they should call it Crisco cream?) I also discovered that blue frosting is a mess!  Who wants to walk around with blue teeth all day?
Here’s what I came up with….real original, I know 🙂
My son’s birthday is in November, so in October I decided I’d start taking the Wilton classes at my local Michael’s craft store.  I should be able to learn it all in a month, right?  haha!  I wanted to at least get some of the basics down so I could make his first birthday; I figured it couldn’t be too hard. Because I stuck with a simple design it actually wasn’t too hard.  The hardest part was getting the icing smooth since I’m a bit of perfectionist. (To be honest, getting the icing perfectly smooth is still my biggest issue!) 
Not too bad, right?  Will I ever learn to calm down with the blue frosting?
I finally got to make my daughter a proper cake for her 3rd birthday.  It was my first stacked tier cake.  This time I frosted it in purple…..not much better than blue!  🙂  Whatever the color, I was pleased with the results and she LOVED it!
Well, there you have it. Whether or not you cared, you now know what started my passion for cake decorating.  I owe it all to my precious kiddos! 

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