Engagement Cake

My most recent cake was for an engagement party.  It was for one of the men that work with my husband.  They asked a couple months ago if I would do something for the party and I said I’d love to.  Here’s what I was given as inspiration:


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Right away I knew what I wanted to do for the cake; two tiers covered in fondant with the black floral design.  I just had to figure out how I wanted to get the floral design on the cake. 
I looked into ordering some supplies from the mainland, but decided against it because the shipping was OUTRAGEOUS!!!!  Seriously….we’re talking $42 to ship $25 worth of product!  The only places I can get cake supplies on the island are Wal-Mart and Ben Franklin and they only carry some Wilton products, so I had to figure out how to use what I had.  Between this post and my last couple posts, have you figured out yet that I’m not a HUGE fan of some of Wilton’s products?  Ok, enough ranting….back to the cake!  I love the black and white color scheme, but as anyone who has ever worked with food coloring knows, it’s super hard to turn white into black.  I briefly considered painting the design on the fondant with black food coloring, but decided against because I was not sure how it would stand up in the humidity outside.  I was checking on my fondant supply when I came across my stash of Satin Ice Dark Chocolate fondant.  I took it out and realized that it was so dark I could pass it off as black.  I quickly got to work with some cookie cutters and pizza cutter and here’s what I came up with:
What do you think? 
I think I’ve come a LONG way since October 2007!  This is probably one of my favorite cakes I’ve done.

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