Uh….Thanks for the help…..I think

In honor of Easter and the Easter Bunny, I had the kids help me make a carrot cake.  I found the recipe here.  This cake was super easy to make and super yummy!!  I followed the advice and baked it in a sheet pan; it makes it really easy to throw together and frost a simple cake and it bakes up in only 25 minutes!  I like being able to just throw something together if it’s just for my family.  Also, since my food processor broke a few months ago and I “needed” one to grate the carrots, I got this as an early birthday present!

The kids weren’t really into the baking part of if, but were excited when I let them decorate the cake with Starburst jelly beans (the best jelly beans EVER) and bunny marshmallows. 

They were both really into decorating!

The final result

In other news, I did bake and decorate a couple cakes for an Air Force promotion party last week.  They turned out well, but I forgot to take any pictures of them.  I’m bummed because I made some gumpaste/fondant ranks and brushed them with silver shimmer dust; they looked really nice on the cakes.  I’ll have to see what I can do about finding some pictures of them!  Baking them was a bit of a disaster….the chocolate cakes kept sticking to the pan!!!  In the end I had to scrape the stuff of the pan and piece the cake together a bit before I could frost it.  It’s a good thing that frosting can cover all that stuff!

**Baking tip of the day**
When making large cakes, such as a 12×18, you can bake each layer in a sheet pan.  It only takes each layer about 25 minutes to cook and then you don’t have to worry about torting (I’m pretty sure I just spelled that wrong!) the cake since it’s already done for you.


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