Friday Favorite: Website

As I’ve mentioned before, I learned the basics of cake decorating at some Wilton courses I attended.  At the time I was taking the classes, they offered 4 different sessions I took them all back-to-back.  I’m not sure if they offer any more classes now, but I can think of a few that would be helpful including more fondant techniques and gumpaste flowers.  I wanted to go above and beyond what I had learned in those classes so I began seeking out more resources online.  While seeking out these resources, I stumbled across what I believe to be the best cake baking/decorating community available online:

Touted as “the world’s largest social network for cake decorators,” this website has photo galleries, recipes, how-to articles, forums and recently launched a magazine.  I have turned to the photo galleries many times when I was in need of inspiration for a cake and my “go-to” spot for recipes is found there as well; I’ve even tried some new techniques based on their how-to articles. My favorite part of this website, however, is the forum section.  With areas including “how do I?,” “cake disasters,” “cupcakes” and “cookies”, you are sure to find the answer to almost any question you have.  The forum members are very helpful and have answered many of my questions.  I also understand that quite a few well-known cake decorators, including Buddy Valastro of Cake Boss and Carlo’s Bakery, are members of this site. 

Next time you’re in need of some advice or inspiration, head over to Cake Central for some help.  If you’re just bored and looking for something to do you could browse the galleries to see some awesome cakes, check out the “cake disasters” section of the forum for some real life disaster stories, or just browse the forums for some interesting stories or ideas; I really like to read the posts about the crazy customers people sometimes encounter.  Thank goodness this is just a hobby for now and it’s mainly just for friends and family, most of you aren’t too crazy!  🙂


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