Quick Pics

On my last post, I mentioned that I had forgotten to take pictures of the cakes I did for the Air Force promotion party.  Some of my readers were actually at the party and one of them sent me some pictures she had taken!  Thanks, Corrie!

I love everything about these cakes…..except the handwriting!!  Writing on cakes is the thing I dislike the most, I feel like I need to spend hours just perfecting my cake handwriting which, by the way, is completely different than regular handwriting!  It doesn’t help that I still haven’t figured out all the tricks to working in such humid conditions!  🙂

Without further ado, here are the pictures:

These cakes are completely iced in buttercream and the leaves are made from a fondant/gumpaste mix.  I rolled out the fondant and put a cut-out of the leaf over it and cut it out with an exact-o knife.  I then used the knife to make the detail lines, which are the same detail lines found on the hard rank a Lt. Col. wears on their uniform. Then I dusted the leaves with shimmer powder to give them the metallic look.  After the fondant was dry, I just picked them up and laid them on the cake.  Simple fondant accents can really make a cake “pop.”
Hope you enjoy!
Thanks again Corrie!

3 thoughts on “Quick Pics

  1. These cakes were beautiful and YUMMY. Somehow some of the extra cake ended up coming home with us along with some other leftovers. Needless to say, the pieces I enjoyed were not part of my program but they were worth the extra walking they required.

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