Book Review: Money Secrets of the Amish

Money Secrets of the Amish
Lorilee Craker

When you think about the Amish, you think of a community of people who are very self-sustaining and very thrifty. If you’re like me, you might also think that there is no way possible you could use their money saving principle in your own life.  It’s hard to imagine having anything in common with a community so different my own. Lorilee Craker helped me to see that there are money-saving principles I can learn from the Amish, making some adaptations to fit my own life. There is a lot to be learned from the Amish about life in general; as Craker pointed out, the Amish are “so far behind the times, they’re ahead.”

At first I was hesitant to review this book, I thought I might be bored reading a book about how to save money. To my great surprise, Lorilee has written a book that provides practical advice in a format that is fun and easy to read. There is a huge amount of helpful information provided in this book, including discussions on bulk-shopping, garage sales and second-hand stores. I am looking forward to applying some of these principles in my everyday life.

This book can be found at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as many other retailers.
Disclaimer: A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review by Thomas Nelson Publishers. All thoughts are my own and I was not required to post a positive review.


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