Book Review: Growing Up Amish

Growing Up Amish
Ira Wagler

Ira Wagler left the Amish church 4 times before he made the final decision that the Amish lifestyle was not for him. In Growing Up Amish, Ira tells the story of his life from his birth to leaving the Amish church for good. After trying numerous times to adhere to the strict rules and regulations required by the Amish church, he realizes he is not cut out to live that life. Leaving the church is not without heartache as those who choose to abandon this lifestyle are formally excommunicated from the church and it is believed they are doomed to spend eternity in hell. Wagler details his struggles with this concept and how an encounter with God provided him with peace and clarity about the choices he made.

This book is full of insight on the somewhat mysterious Amish community; Wagler does a good job of stating facts rather than slanting the views with his bias.  I really enjoyed reading this book and learning a little more about the Amish lifestyle and its rigors and pressures. At times my heart broke for this man who had such hard decisions to make knowing the consequences he would face. This book is a quick read, even at 250 pages, and I would highly recommend it to those looking to gain insight into the Amish way of life.

This book can be found at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as many other retailers.
Disclaimer: A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review by Tyndale House Publishers. All thoughts are my own and I was not required to post a positive review.


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