Legos for Learning?

My son is turning 5 in a couple weeks and we’re celebrating with a Lego party. While doing some online shopping for the party, I came across the Lego Education website. I looked around a bit and found that they have some products designed just for home educators. This got me super excited because, for the time being, we’ve chosen to homeschool our crazy kiddos. They have some really neat stuff; from simple preschool projects to building complex robots. Of course when I showed this to my husband, he was also excited….especially about the robots!  🙂 Here are some of the cool things Lego Education offers for home educators. If you happen to check any of them out, let me know what you think.

Homeschool Introduction to Simple and Motorized Mechanisms Pack

Early Simple Machines III Pack

Lego Education WeDo Robotics Homeschool Pack

Just so you know, no one asked me to write this.  I’m pretty sure Lego has no clue who I am, although I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to them sending me some of their products to test and review here on Little Blurbs. I’m just saying…. 🙂  I just think it’s really neat that they offer all these products and I can’t wait to look into them a little more when I start planning our next school year.


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