Book Review: Sierra Jensen Collection, Vol. I

Sierra Jensen Collection, Vol. I
Robin Jones Gunn

The Sierra Jensen Collection, Vol. I takes the first three books from best-selling author, Robin Jones Gunn’s Sierra Jensen series and puts them together into one fantastic book. The books included in this volume are Only You, Sierra,  In Your Dreams and Don’t You Wish. Here’s what has to say about each of these stories:

Only You, Sierra 

The Europe mission trip brought Sierra Jensen the best gift possible: two new friends, Katie and Christy. But now Sierra is headed home, and she can’t help but wonder will her friendships last? And what about her new home? Her family moved while she was gone, and that means facing a new high school. And the biggest question of all: Will she ever find love? Then a chance meeting in a London airport answers that question. Paul makes her heart leap. But she’ll never see him again! Or will she? 

In Your Dreams 

Sierra has had it! She’s done everything she can to find the right job, good friends, and most important, true love. But nothing is working out. Now she has to stay home to care for her grandmother. By herself. For the whole weekend! It will be terrible. But a series of startling surprises shows Sierra just how wrong she is—and before she knows it, she’s on her way to the perfect job, her first real date, and an encounter with a mysterious stranger. 

Don’t You Wish 

Sierra has three wishes: visit her California friends; have her older sister, Tawni, disappear; and learn more about the mysterious stranger. When Easter break arrives, Sierra’s first wish comes true! She’s headed to Newport Beach for fun, sun, and surf. Unfortunately, not only does Tawni not disappear, she accompanies Sierra on her escape. What’s worse, everyone has a boyfriend except Sierra. But will her wishes begin to change as she realizes God wants to mold her according to His wishes? 

I have been a fan of Robin Jones Gunn ever since reading the first book in the Christy Miller series.  I think I’ve read about 99.7648% of all the books she’s written. 🙂  I remember falling in love with the Christy Miller series and the other books that followed included those in the Sierra Jensen series. I can remember reading the books as fast as I could and then begging my parents to take me to the store to buy the next one.

When I look around the young adult section of a bookstore, I can’t believe what is put out there for our kids. It makes me really glad that Robin and Waterbrook Multnomah have decided to keep these books in print.  They tell a great story and are filled with God’s truths, not those that the world would like to fill our kids minds with. Robin is a wonderful story teller and I look forward to sharing these books with my own daughter someday.

This book can be found at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as many other retailers.
Disclaimer: A complimentary copy of this book was provided for this review. All thoughts are my own and I was not required to post a positive review.


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