Information Overload

Over the past few months my husband and I have been learning more about the food supply in the US and more about the chemicals found in many of these foods. I often begin to feel like I’m staring at the sign in the picture above. There is so much information out there and my Type-A personality struggles with taking it all in and figuring out what to do with it.

We’ve adopted a lifestyle of healthier eating, more organic foods less junk, more whole wheat flour vs. white flour, etc. Then I read articles on topics such as sugar potentially being a toxin and grains not being the great for you or something of that nature. It’s overwhelming when try to take it all in and apply it to our family. I’ve tried as much as possible to make most of our food from healthy ingredients, even go so far as to make homemade cheezits and ice cream this weekend, but sometimes I even feel like that is inadequate. I read blogs about “real food” and feel bad that sometimes I like to eat junk. I want to make the best food for my family, feeding them real food without chemical additives, but sometimes miss the days when swinging by Taco Bell to pick up a quick dinner was an option. (Honestly, Taco Bell doesn’t even sound good anymore. It’s the idea of a quick, convenient food that I miss.) On top of all this I live on Maui where sometimes ingredients are hard to find, my kids after school activities keep me busy most afternoons and we’re preparing for a big move in a few months. Sometimes it all just gets overwhelming and I want to cave….until I remember all the chemicals and other crap that I’ll be subjecting my family to if I do.

I’m hoping to take the 10-Day Real Food Pledge after life settles down this summer, but until then I just keep trying to do the best I can. For right now this means reading labels and buying food free of ingredients I can’t pronounce, artificial colors and flavorings, and random crap that I just don’t feel comfortable feeding my family. On the flip side it also means that sometimes dinner comes from a local restaurant, not fast food chains, but not necessarily fresh, organic, chemical-free ingredients. I have to keep reminding myself that the way we eat now is vastly different from how we were eating a year ago and about a million times better than my husband and I used to eat before kids. For now I need to tell myself that doing the best I can is ok, I can’t stress out about every little thing or I’ll go crazy….and nobody wants a crazy mama running around this house!

What about you?  What are some ways that incorporate healthier food into your diet without going crazy? I’d love to hear your stories, tips and suggestions.   I’d also love it if you’s share your recipes.  I’m hoping to get better at this blog thing and share some of the recipes our family enjoys.


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