Book Review: Garden of Madness

Garden of Madness
Tracy L. Higley

Apparently I need to catch up on my biblical history, before reading this book I didn’t realize that the Bible actually tells the story of King Nebuchadnezzar suffering from a bout of insanity and living in the wild for 7 years. At first I thought the author had taken some insane amount of artistic creativity with that fact…..then I read the notes at the back of the book. šŸ™‚

The verses in Daniel that address King Nebuchadnezzar’s insanity skip right over the seven year period he was living in the wild and tells of how the king praised God when his sanity was restored. No one knows exactly what life was like for those in the palace during those seven years, but Tracy L. Higley has created an amazing tale of plots to overtake the thrown, forbidden love, and the revelation of deeply guarded secrets to give the reader an idea of the possibilities.

At first I had a hard time really getting into the story, I think it was mainly due to my being unfamiliar with stories set in this time period and location. I might have also been a bit intimidated by the fact that there was a word list, like a dictionary, at the beginning of the book that one must understand to fully grasp the story. Once I was able to really get into the story and picture the setting, I really enjoyed the story. As I mentioned before, I originally the author had made up the part about the king being insane, but once I realized this was fact I was able to appreciate the whole thing a little bit more.

The story was full of mystery and suspense, just when I thought I knew what was going on the plot thickened. Apparently plotting to take over the throne when the palace is filled with secrets can be a bit confusing. I also enjoyed the stories of love and redemption that this book held. As I found myself getting deeper into the stories, I found the book harder and harder to put down. Once I had finished it, I wished there was more.

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Disclaimer: A complimentary copy of this book was provided for this review. All thoughts are my own and I was not required to post a positive review.



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