Purple Sweet Potatoes: 2 Ways

Recently I’ve fallen in love with Hawaiian purple sweet potatoes, especially the ones served at one of my favorite restaurants, Monkeypod Kitchen. Unfortunately I can’t afford to go there and eat them as much as I’d like to, so while I was at Costco the other day I picked up a 5 lb. box and figured I’d try my hand at cooking them. I love mashed purple sweet potatoes, but there was no need to cook all 5 lb. this way so I decided I’d also try making some baked potato chips.

Both recipes start with peeling the potatoes. At this point they look a little strange and I was beginning to think they might be kinda strange.

I started chopping the potatoes I was going to boil and found that the inner portion looks much more like I’d hoped.  Check out the color!

After chopping these (about 1-in. cubes) I boiled them until I could easily stab them with a fork. It took about 20 minutes. I was left with these beauties and a pot of dark blue water….my daughter said it was ocean blue.

I used my hand held mixer to mash these up with some butter, cream, salt, and pepper. I was super excited that they tasted exactly like the ones I’ve had at local restaurants. The color is a little off in the picture below, but trust me, they were awesome!!!

I’m not usually a fan of sweet potatoes, but these taste so much different than any type of sweet potato I’ve ever tried. I can’t get enough of them.

To make the potato chips, I used this bad boy to thinly slice a few potatoes.

By the way, I love this food processor.  I use it all the time for anything from grating cheese to mixing up biscuit dough. It took about 30 seconds to turn 4 good-sized potatoes into this:

I spritzed the sliced potatoes with some olive oil and baked them at 400 degrees until they were slightly crisp and brown, about 10 minutes. In all honestly, I slightly over cooked the first batch and under cooked the second batch, just bear with me and pretend that I cooked them perfectly. 🙂

After I took them out of the oven I sprinkled a mixture of sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger on half of them. And sprinkled salt and pepper on the other half.

The colors are a little off in that picture too, I’m not sure why I was having camera issues today!!!

I wasn’t a huge fan of the chips, I think it was probably the fact that they didn’t taste the way I’d expected them to. Also, it was my first ever attempt at making baked potato chips….I think I could use a little practice.  My family really seemed to like them, though. I don’t know that I’d make the chips again, but I’d definitely make the mashed potatoes. I think they’d taste really good with some fish and a tropical salsa. 🙂

Does anyone know where to get purple sweet potatoes on the mainland?  I think I might miss them once we leave this island!


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