Book Review and Giveaway: Need You Now

Need You Now
Beth Wiseman

If you’re familiar with the Amish fiction genre, you’ve probably heard the name Beth Wiseman before. She’s the award-winning author of the best-selling Daughters of Promise series and many other books. In her latest novel Wiseman steps away from her usual genre, taking her first crack at the world of contemporary Christian fiction.  The novel, Need You Now, is set in the small town of Round Top, TX, a real town just a stone’s throw from Wiseman’s home in South Central Texas. She also addresses modern issues including cutting and autism. Here’ s short summary from Beth’s website:

When big-city life threatens the safety of one of their children, Brad and Darlene Henderson move with their three teenagers from Houston to the tiny town of Round Top, Texas.

 Adjusting to small-town life is difficult for the kids, especially fifteen-year-old Grace who is coping in a dangerous way.

 Married life hasn’t always been bliss, but their strong faith has carried them through the difficult times. When Darlene takes a job outside the home for the first time in their marriage, the domestic tension rises.

 While working with special needs children at her new job, the widowed father of one of Darlene’s students starts paying more attention to her than is appropriate. Problem is, she feels like someone is listening to her for the first time in a long time. If Darlene ever needed God…it’s now.

 Experience a family’s triumphant defeat over lies, betrayal, and loss while still clinging to the One who matters most.

Before the full book was released, Thomas Nelson released the first half of the book in an e-version and charged only 99 cents for it.  After I downloaded and read it, I was hooked and knew I would have to buy the rest of the book when it came out in it’s entirety. So imagine my delight when, a few weeks ago, I was contacted by a marketing company who wanted to know if I would review the book. 🙂 By the way if you’d like to buy the first half of the book in an e-version it’s still available on Amazon and possibly iTunes, however, I’d recommend that you just buy the full version since you’ll want to read it all anyway!

I’ve never read any of Beth Wiseman’s Amish novels, but after reading this book I’m hoping I’ll find the time to do so. She created an interesting story with delightful characters and a great setting. She also addressed some hot button issues that most authors seems to steer clear of and she did so in way that was genuine without being gratuitous or feeling fake. She showed the readers a marriage that wasn’t perfect, but that was filled with grace and love and a couple who really were devoted to each other and making their marriage work, rather than just giving up. Books like this one give readers hope and encouragement.

Beth was recently interviewed and asked about what she would like the readers to take away from this book, this was her response:

“Life can be a mess sometimes, and when that happens, our faith either gets stronger, or it takes a dive. I hope readers will close the book with a feeling of renewal and the certainty that there is no hardship that we can’t conquer with God on our side. I hope that this book will bring folks one step closer to Him.”

In my opinion, she succeeded.  I took away all of that and so much more.

Thomas Nelson was gracious enough to provide with me 2 copies of this book, one for myself and one for one of my lucky readers!!!  If you’d like a chance at winning, leave me a comment telling me who your favorite author is.

I’m going to close out the contest on Thursday, May 10, 2012 at midnight PST when I’ll pick a winner at random.

Disclaimer: I’m sure you’ve figured it out by reading this post, but I was supplied two copies of this book in exchange for this review. I was not required to post a positive review, all thoughts are my own.


34 thoughts on “Book Review and Giveaway: Need You Now

  1. It’s too hard to pick one favorite author! I, too, enjoy Beth’s writings. Another favorite of mine is Karen Kingsbury and Dee Henderson.

  2. I have several favorite authors of Christian fiction, you, Marta Perry, Kim-Vogel Sawyer and Cindy Woodsmall. You’re all incredibly talented storytellers.

  3. It’s hard to pick just one author as my favorite. I like, of course, Beth Wiseman, Karen Kingsbury, Tamara Alexander, Coleen Coble, Susan May Warren, Terri Blackstock, Mindy Starns Clark, Sally John, just to name a few… Would love a chance to win Beth Wiseman’s Need You Now!

  4. when i gotten from the library to read it i had like the book alot.the main carater story of the book will get you to think about your who life and where is is in your life.

  5. Beth is always one of my top authors, along with Amy Clipston. I am very anxious to read this book since it is so different from her usual Amish fiction!! Thanks for the opportunity to enter your contest!

  6. I just love Beth’s books and this one is awesome! I have so many favorite authors, it’s hard to pick just one. But I really enjoy LaVyrle Spencer…I was saddened when she retired.

  7. Beth Wiseman is one of my favorite authors..I have not yet purchased this book. Would ne awesome to win one!

  8. There are so many I like. Especially the Amish authors, Beth Wiseman, Cindy Wooodsmall, Beverly Lewis, Wanda Brunstetter and the others.

  9. I am known around my neighborhood as the lady who never wins anything Would be nice if you could break my unlucky streak, lol. I love all your books. Keep them coming.

  10. I LOVE Beth Wiseman books. I think I have read all of them. I did download the first 1/2 of the book but have not been to the book store yet to get the real book. I would love to get one of these copies.

  11. I LOVE Beth Wiseman and anything Amish. Beth Wiseman, Beverly Lewis and Wanda Brunstetter. I have also read Karen Kingsbury. My favorite book is the Bible. I would love to win this book.

  12. I love Beth Wiseman, Just finished Need you Now. I couldn’t put it down. I love all her books but can’t find them in the bookstore. Have to borrow them from the library. Thank goodness for the library.

  13. I truly love Beth Wiseman and her writing style. But, my favorite is Beverly Lewis. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to win Need You Now. : )

  14. How can I pick just one? I like Beth Wiseman, Amy Clipston, Vannetta Chapman, Kim Vogel-Sawyer and several others.I enjoy all of their work. Thank you 🙂

  15. My favorite auther is Beth Wiseman of coarse. I have all of ure books up to date. Love them all. Cant put one of ure books down once i start it. Absolutely love everything i read of yours.

  16. My first Amish book to read was by Beverly Lewis. She is fantastic and I’ve read all of her books except the ones for young people. Also , Wanda Brunstetter” books are great. Then I found Beth Wiseman. Do love her too. Too hard to pick just one. Sure would love to win this book tho. You did good with your review.
    Maxie ( )

  17. Have to admit it would be tough to pick just one, but I do enjoy reading books by Francine Rivers. But Beth Wiseman gets the nod for the Amish settings, for sure! Can’t wait to read Need You Now. Thanks for asking us to share.

  18. I have tons of favorite authors. Beth Wiseman is right up there at the top. I have read everyone of her Amish fiction books. I would love to win a copy of Need You Now! I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book. I am a true Wisemanite!


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