A while back I put up a post that included information about the release this book. I finally pried the book out of my husband’s hands and got the chance to read it myself. All I can say about this book is WOW!!!  Adam Brown was an amazing man and his stories were so interesting and encouraging. From beginning to end, this book kept my attention and the stories kept me interested and engaged. This book brought out a range of emotions from happiness to grief; I laughed aloud multiple times, but also found myself in tears near the end. I literately just closed the cover of this book and am still digesting all that I read so I  honestly can’t really say anything else about this book except that you NEED to read it. As soon as I read the last word, I knew that I needed to let you all know about it!

To learn more about Adam and find out how to get your own copy, go to http://fearlessnavyseal.com/

Disclaimer: Although I was provided free copies of this book, it was not in exchange for this review.  I really think this is an awesome book and would recommend it to anyone!


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