Book Review: Resurrect

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A few months ago I was presented the opportunity to review Resurrect by David E. Stevens, after reading the synopsis I knew I’d be taking advantage of the opportunity, not for me but for my husband. This kind of b0ok is right up his alley! Judging by how fast he read it and h0w he chuckled a few times as he did, I’m guessing he really liked it.  Here’s what he had to say about it:

An exciting look into the bureaucracies of the government and the possibility of human annihilation.  This book does a great job of creating characters from different walks of life who are brought together to save the world. Along the way, the struggle between science and creation is discussed time and again. But, can we truly understand our universe or is our scientific knowledge still too limited to truly see the truth of all things?  This story approaches these lofty topics in an easy to read, action packed and often funny story of a top secret program, that doesn’t really exist, to save the world.

After reading his review, I’d say he enjoyed it. 🙂

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