One Word, Huge Meaning


It’s a word we hear most often during the Christmas season, we sing it, we read it, but if you’re like me you don’t fully grasp its meaning.


It means “God IS with us.” Not God was with some people over 2,000 years ago, not God will be with us, but God IS with us RIGHT NOW, everywhere we are, everywhere we go.  He is always there!

Though I’ve heard the songs and verses over and over my whole life, this word really seemed to resonate with me this Christmas season.  Even though it only appears in the Bible 4 times (3 in Isaiah, 1 in Matthew) to me it seemed to pop up EVERYWHERE this year. Maybe it’s the fact that we’ve had some crazy transitions in our life this year and at times I feel like I’m going it alone, but for some reason the fact that God is with me really had meaning this year. As I fully began to grasp this concept, the verses and songs that speak of Emmanuel became even more clear to me.

It also really made me think about what a difference it could make if we fully grasped this truth and the meaning behind this awesome name of God.

How would our lives look?

Would there be any changes?

Would the things we currently fill our time with seem as important?

I am just as guilty as anyone else when it comes to forgetting the truth that God is always with me.  I go about my daily life as if I’m doing it alone and forget that my strong, powerful, amazing God is right here with me willing to help.

Even though the Christmas songs are packed away until next year and we won’t be spending quite as much time in the verses that speak of the coming of Emmanuel, I hope we can all remember to reflect on the truth that God is still with us today. In this year ahead, I hope we rest assured on this promise and live in the knowledge that God IS with us.


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