High Altitude Baking is not for Wimps!

8 months ago we were living 50 feet above sea level and I never had a problem baking anything, 7 months ago we moved to Colorado….at an elevation of 7,000+ ft. I have barely done any baking since that move. I had no idea that the altitude had the ability to affect my baking so drastically. What was once a joy and something that helped me relax, had become something I dreaded and feared!

Until a couple weeks ago, I was unaware that mini-cupcakes had the ability to sink in the middle! Who knew they were big enough to even do that?!?!?!?!?

Thankfully I was given a cookbook recommendation that has restored my ability to enjoy baking! It’s called Pie in the Sky and the author definitely did her research.  She took the time to test and adjust over 100 baking recipes at 4 different elevations, 3,000 ft., 5,000 ft., 7,000 ft. and 10,000 ft.

(If you’d like to check out the book for yourself click on the picture, it’ll take you to the Amazon page.)


When I got this book, I read through it like it was a novel.  I wanted to understand what makes high altitude baking difficult and how to adjust my recipes to make them successful. Thankfully, she does a wonderful job of this; providing adjustments for her own recipes as well as guideline for adjusting your own.

Following Susan G. Purdy’s advice, I took one of her basic recipes and made it my own by incorporating lemon zest.  The end result was an AMAZING lemon cake that didn’t sink one bit and was fully cooked throughout! This came just in time too, since I’d already committed to making a cake for a friend soon. I cannot wait to try some more of her suggestions and start crafting some more delicious sweets.

I realize that this sounds just like any of the other book reviews I’ve posted, but this is not a formal review. I just wanted to share this info with anyone else who might be having the same issues I was having.

Next up, I’ll be on a quest to perfect a 100% whole wheat bread that tastes delicious, doesn’t just fall apart, and doesn’t rise to fast that is jeopardizes the structural integrity of the loaf.  Any suggestions?


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