Let Them See You

It’s a song I’ve listened to multiple times since this album came out, an album that makes me feel like an overgrown teeny bopper every time I listen to it. What can I say, he makes good music? 🙂 The lyrics are written from the perspective of a musician and express the heart of someone truly wanting to reflect God’s love through their gift. As someone who loves to sing, especially at church, the simple chorus gets me every time:

Let them see You in me

Let them hear You when I speak

Let them feel You when I sing

Let them see You

Let them see You in me

(lyrics by JJ Weeks and Scotty Wilbanks)\

Colton Dixon put on a free show this past weekend and my kids begged me to take them for weeks, I obliged knowing I’d like it just as much as they would. It’s that whole overgrown teeny bopper thing, ya know?  Haha. As I stood in the sea of people with my kids, singing along with Colton and crowd these lyrics resonated with me in a new way. With my arms around both of my kids, these words became a prayer about how I live my life and how my kids see me. More than anything, I want them to see God in me. I want them to see how I live my life as a true testimony to my relationship with my Savior. It got me thinking about more things:

Let them see You when I’m stressed

Let them see You when I’m driving (no fun feat here in Colorado Springs)

Let them see You when I’m irritated

Let them see You in my daily interactions

Let them see You in me

The list could go on and on, especially since we homeschool and my kids are with me pretty much 24/7. I often forget that there are 2 pairs of little eyes that are watching everything I say and do. I need to be more intentional about letting my words and actions show them God. It’s a big job and somewhat overwhelming to think about, but I pray today that I stop and think before I act and speak. I pray that my example to them is one worthy of my Father in heaven, one that I would feel good about them emulating.



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