Book Review: A Promise Kept

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A Promise Kept
Robin Lee Hatcher

After a 20+ year troubled  marriage, Allison Kavanagh found the strength to give her alcoholic husband, Tony, an ultimatum – change or leave.  She was beyond shocked when he left her, especially because she had fully expected God to heal their marriage. After their divorce, Allison moves into a mountain cabin once owned by her great aunt, Emma.

As she begins to sort through the belongings of the great aunt she always thought was unmarried she finds pictures, a journal and a wedding dress that all suggest otherwise.  As she delves deeper into Emma’s story through reading her journal, Allison realizes she had much more in common with her than she ever realized. She also begins to see that there are parts of her life she still needs to surrender to God’s will – including her relationship with her ex-husband. As she begins to let go of more Allison’s eyes are opened to exactly what God has in store for her and it’s much more than she ever anticipated.

Although Robin Lee Hatcher is known for her works of historical fiction, this book veers from that a bit to tell a story of grace and redemption in a modern setting – a story of waiting on God and trusting his plain for your life. This book was really fun to read and I liked how the modern story was paired with the story of her great aunt via the journal. It seems like we can learn a lot when we listen to the voices of the past. This story is well written and the characters are super relatable, even if they sometimes the path they take is one that seems to defy modern logic. It’s amazing how God can work a situation out in ways you never thought possible and Hatcher does a great job of telling just such a story in this novel.

Click here to visit Robin’s website and download the first chapter of A Promise Kept and read an interview with Robin to find out how this story reflects her own life experience.

Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for this review. All thoughts are my own.

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