Book Review: Princess Ever After

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Princess Ever After
Rachel Hauck

Regina “Reggie” Beswick has just started a new chapter in life, she’s quit her job as a CPA and opened up an auto restoration shop with friends. She’s happy and excited about this new venture and elated at the results of their first project when out of the blue she gets a visit from an unexpected visitor. Tanner Burkhardt, Minster of Culture from the small island of Hessenberg, shows up at Reggie’s shop and tells her that she is heir to throne of Hessenberg. While at first this makes no sense to Reggie, she begins to remember things that might help her understand, including a fairly tale her great-grandmother had written just for her in which she was a princess. When she is finally convinced this is true, Reggie is faced with a choice – she can either stay in Florida and let Hessenberg cease to exist or she can trust God and step into world she has no idea how to be a part of. She makes a quick trip to Hessenberg and falls in love with it, but Reggie’s life back in Florida is still tugging at her heart. The choice gets even harder when she realizes that those who would take over Hessenberg in her absence do not have care about what’s best for the people living there.  To further complicate matters, Reggie realizes that she’s falling in love with Tanner. Through a series of challenges, Reggie realizes that she needs to fully rely on God and let Him restore and redeem her if she’s going to take on the role of Princess.

This book was really fun to read, it reminded me a lot of The Princess Diaries. There’s something magical in the story of  a normal, everyday girl finding out she’s heir to throne and getting to live life as a princess. This book had some really funny parts, especially when Reggie and Tanner dressed up as Sonny and Cher in order to be able to stroll through town unnoticed. What I really loved about this story, however, was the theme of restoration that ran through it – restoration of cars, restoration of a nation, restoration of relationships and restoration of the heart. Reggie’s story was an awesome way to be reminded about God’s power of restoration while at the same time enjoying a story that was entertaining, even captivating.

This book is the second installment in Hauck’s Royal Wedding series and it’s every bit as good as the first. We even get to catch up a little with characters from the first book in this one.  I really hope there are more in the series, because I’m a sucker for a good down-home-girl-turned-princess story. 🙂

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Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for this review. All thoughts are my own.

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