The Great Zoodle Adventure

After seeing all these blog posts about making noodles from squash using a spiralizer, I knew I had to get my hands on one and try it out for myself. I had one in my Amazon cart a few times and kept changing my mind because I didn’t feel like I really needed ANOTHER kitchen gadget. What finally convinced me to buy one was seeing how excited my kids got about the prospect of making zucchini noodles,  carrot curls, and “apple spaghetti.”  The great thing about having Amazon Prime is that I only had to wait 2 days after I placed my order until I could start spiralizing. 🙂

In the days between ordering the spiralizer and putting it to use, the kids were trying to come up with all sorts of uses for it, some were awesome ideas (apples) others were not (bananas.) When it finally got here, I bought some zucchini so we could make “zoodles” and put the kids to work. It’s super simple to use and the kids enjoyed helping.

photo 1

photo 2

In only a few minutes we had a plate overflowing with zucchini curls.

photo 3


We tried out some carrots also, but I think I had it lined up wrong or something.  Instead of curls, we ended up with c’s.

photo 5


To cook the zoodles, I sautéed them in butter with some salt, pepper and garlic. They turned out pretty tasty, but there was a lot of water in the mixture.  I’ve read on some blogs that people strain them before they cook them so I think I’ll try that next time.

photo 4

I can’t wait to figure out what else I can spiralize! 🙂




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