Book Review: The Good, the Bad and the Grace of God

The Good, the Bad and the Grace of God
Jep & Jessica Robertson

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last three years or so, you’ve at least heard of the Robertson family and their show “Duck Dynasty.” Most people are familiar with Phil, Miss Kay, Willie and Jase but not as much is known about “Willie’s Other Brother”, Jep.  In The Good, the Bad and the Grace of God we get a closer look at Jep and his wife, Jessica.

This story is quite interesting; Jessica was previously married and Jep fell into the pit of drug and alcohol addiction. It’s not your typical love story, but it’s a story that has its own sort of beauty. I really enjoyed learning about their lives and getting a glimpse into how their past experiences shaped them into who they are today.  Reading it deepened the respect that I already had for the Robertson family, they seem to be a family that stays true to who they are whether the cameras are on or off.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this review. All thoughts are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.

Buy the Book:
If you’re interested in checking out this book you can find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as many other retailers.


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